What my clients say

Below you can read what some of my clients have said about me and my work with them (unsolicited comments made on the LawyerRatingZ website).

“We were recently thrown into a traumatic experience involving our son and Patrick did a top notch job representing him on an impaired driving charge. With Patrick’s seasoned approach and comprehensive knowledge of the law, as well as his strong relationships with the court, our son’s case ended in a very favourable result.”

“Patrick is a brilliant lawyer and an outstanding human being. He embodies the highest ethics and knowledge of the law. I give Patrick my highest possible recommendation.”

“Mr Metzler took our son’s case beyond our expectations. He saw in my son the person he really is and that was important to us. Words are not enough to express our sentiments and gratitude.”

“Patrick managed to get the best possible result for me with charges being withdrawn.I believe that Patrick’s experience both with the Crown and as a defence lawyer allows him to provide his clients with the best possible advice. He is also very down to earth, honest and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend his services.”

“Mr. Metzler provided me with the best possible criminal defense for what I would consider to be an extraordinary case. There could not have been a better result than a 'Not Guilty' verdict at the end of the trial. His uncompromising, experienced and knowledgeable drive to defend the charges was commendable.”

“It is clear that Patrick’s experience and knowledge made a significant difference and he is really easy to talk to. While I hope I never require these services again, I cannot provide a better recommendation than to simply say call Patrick first.”

“Patrick invested an extensive amount of time to listen, understand and go over all the details with me which gave me a good night’s rest and confidence going into the trial. I could not be more than happy with the result. Thanks to him, I can finally put this one behind me and breathe a refreshing sigh of relief.”


How to contact me

  • Call my Toronto office: 416.368.3012
  • Call my cell (24 hours): 416.524.5336
  • Email me: pmetzler@metzler.ca

All contacts are confidential.

I am available to represent you anywhere in Ontario.

Courtroom sketch - Glasgow case

Sketch of Mr Metzler by City TV artist Marianne Boucher