Bail hearings: know your rights

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If you are arrested by the police, it is imperative that you obtain legal counsel by contacting me immediately.

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Most people don’t have any idea of what rights they have, or what they should and should not do when arrested. While you are in police custody you should be aware of all of your rights, including the right to silence. Otherwise, you may take steps that are wrong, or that have regrettable consequences. I will help you to understand your rights.

As well, once you have contacted me, I can begin to deal with the police, learn as much as possible about your situation, and take steps towards your release.

Bail hearings

After you’ve been arrested the police may decide to release you from custody, but they often impose bail conditions on your release. If the police do not release you, or you do not agree to their conditions of release, then you must appear at a bail hearing before a bail court.

Do you know what happens at a bail hearing?

Bail courts sit every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. It’s critical to have an experienced defence lawyer assist you at the bail hearing court, to advocate for your release, and to ensure that you fully understand the bail hearing process.

The court may impose bail conditions (these are legal rules) on you at a bail hearing. I can explain the bail conditions to you so that you understand them fully. I can also arrange for people to act for you as bail sureties. A bail surety will have to agree to take responsibility for you, and may have to pledge some assets or money, to act as assurance that you will comply with the bail conditions of release.

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